Hey everyone, long time no update…?! Been on a bit of an art block, dunno! Here’s a painting that I’ve wanted to do ever since I played (more like watched a friend play - it was a really good movie) the amazing game The Last of Us.

I did most of this over livestream, I have a new channel which you should follow here at Twitch! (I should be doing more art streams this year, now that I have a new and much stronger computer.)

Cant have that feminine voice…

*sighs* Don’t think nobody gonna like me or accept me for who I am as a person :/

Just because I dont have that girly voice (gender ambiguous) they turn me down… their loss but hate feeling alone.

Voice training isn’t working… no matter how much I try and hormones not going to affect my voice either… literally at the end of my wits.

Hate being Gender Dysphoric