Really not my time

Hahaha, well… I knew that was gonna happen and it was so obvious.
It hurts abit but I’ll live.. I think.

I can’t let anybody in and all they do just hurt me in the end.
Everything fucking aches again *sighs*

Not my time to be with someone… probably NEVER *shrugs*
Pretty obvious something wrong with me… So I’m gonna get a tattoo ‘LOVELESS’ on my chest.

Everything can get to fuck, I’m done being with people.

Disliked being some sort of experiment to people… who really don’t respect me or appreciate me as a person. I’ll just get hurt or hurt others.

I know people want me around them but something tells me they really don’t want me around, haha. So ignore my depressive state. Head playing tricks and I’m not worthless.

"You know you’ll be with somebody who’s great" like fucking who?! All they do fuck me over! So pissed off with those pathetic words of wisdom.. all I get is trouble and fill their empty voids for a bit until they throw me away.

I’m not wanting to look for it and never will if it makes me ache! When people do find me, I’m not worth their time.

Guys take an interest and say I’m hot because they find out I’m trans? And they’re in a relationship?!

I don’t want to be in somebody’s territory. Imagine if that was any of my friend’s boyfriends/husbands, who took an interested in someone like me, flirting and say ‘hot’ and want do other stuff… that will fucking destroy them and that I can’t do to another girl!

That not my fault but there something wrong and shows men in the relationship are fucking sleaze balls! I doubt find anyone… I’m nothing more like a desire or guilty pleasured sex doll!

People don’t appreciate me as a person or consider my feelings… sick and tired of it.

Rant over